Rivers Flow Concert Report

Batanai Muyamure would like to thank you for your valued contribution and support. The non-profit is still underway in raising the full amount for the borehole. On the 14th of May Eden Lang held a concert in association with Moto Republik called the Rivers Flow Fundraising concert, named after the song she wrote for Batanai Muyamure called “Rivers Flow.”

Other musicians and performing artists participated such as Chengeto, Bryan K, Oxzy, Reich and Yanta Limey. We also enjoyed live music from the performance band “Fab Ovation”. We were joined by MC Curtly Gwindi as he co-hosted the event with Natasha Burnett. Unfortunately, ASAPH was not able to attend and perform due to unforeseen circumstances. We were also not able to film the event due to the loss of a camera owned by our sponsor, Sendittoo. We were honored by the presence of Batanai’s Chair lady Amina Mohommed and Treasurer Lucy. The attendance was small as we had 57 people in the audience, but those who came were very enthusiastic and enjoyed the concert.

 At the concert we managed to raise an additional $538 USD from ticket sales and donations. This amount was added to the $1,780 USD previously raised, which brings our total borehole fund to $2,318 USD. We have enough to sink the borehole, but not yet enough to put a pump.

The total cost of the borehole and pump is $4,637, which means we have an additional $2,319 left to raise. Batanai would like to thank all the donors who are making this project possible.

Thank you

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