Batanai Muyamure Organization

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Batanai Muyamure is Shona for “Come together and help.” This describes our group in a nutshell as it is basically what we are about. We believe that through unity and care giving, we can make a difference to our children’s future.

Batanai Muyamure is a non profit organization in Gambiza district, Gweru, Zimbabwe, in Africa, designed to help those in need. Our organization currently provides for the needs of 62 orphans and underprivileged children.

We at Batanai Muyamure believe in the rights of children, and those who are underprivileged. We believe that every child has a right to food, education, shelter, safety, freedom of expression and a loving community. 

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Our objectives …

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  • Alleviate poverty
  • Educate the children
  • Provide justice for the weak and abused
  • Provide necessities for those who cannot provide for themselves

  • Raise awareness of poverty in Gambiza district

Come together and help!