Sponsoring a Child

What does it mean to sponsor a child?

Sponsoring a child at Batanai Muyamure is quite simple and straightforward. One can sponsor a child simply by paying a small fee every month, from as little as $1.00, or even in the form of clothes and food. Any finance or supplies that you give to Batanai will go to paying the child’s school fees, health, buying food, clothes, toiletries stationary, and other basic necessities. We accept monthly contributions as well as one-off donations, any help is appreciated. At Batanai we treasure our children and believe that even though the majority of them are orphaned or underprivileged, they deserve love and support, just as if they had a normal family. Therefore, when you sponsor a child, you are more than just helping them but you are showing them that they are loved and wanted.

Will I feature in the child’s life?

Featuring in the child’s life is entirely up to you. You can sign up for updates on the welfare of the child that you sponsor by, and our team will be ready to get back to you. Be sure to contact us if you have any information or thoughts you would like to share with our organization.

By featuring in the child’s life, you will be able to see where exactly your donation went to, either to school fees or clothes, and such. We will also send you an update on the child’s grades, and welfare, to ensure that you will be able to observe how much of a difference you are making in the child’s life. You will be surprised at how a little given to Batanai can go such a long way, even if it in the form of a toothbrush or Christmas card. All love and support is gladly welcomed.

This is entirely up to you. Or you can just donate directly to Batanai without having the option of knowing to whom your donation went to and for what.

How do I become a sponsor?

Becoming a sponsor is quite simple and straight forward. You can simply contact us and we will gladly accept your support. You can read about the list of children, then let us know who touched your heart, and if you’d like to see them have a bright future and even brighter smile.

How great are the needs?

Batanai Muyamure currently supports orphans and underprivileged children, who number to a total of 58. The number is growing each year and the needs are growing as well, consequently. The circumstances of our children are dire, as some are orphaned at a young age due to their parents dying of HIV/AIDS and they are left to look after their younger siblings with little to no resources. Some of the children are being looked after by a single parent who is usually sick, unemployed or crippled, and in effect, the child does not have a healthy home. This is even the case with those who are being taken care of by their grandparents, and children as young as 10 years of age are subjected to hard labor in the fields, walking long distances in search of water, sleeping on the floor, and wearing barely any clothing.

The majority of the children at Batanai Muyamure attend The Gambiza Primary School, where the fees are $12 a term and $20 a term for those under the age of eight. It is a small price to pay, but to an orphaned child, it seems like an impossible amount and for this reason, tens of children in Gambiza district are forced to stay at home, as they cannot afford their school fees.

The nearest high school is a distance of 3km away from villages, and most children, unfortunately, do not graduate, as they cannot afford school fees. Children even sometimes stop attending school as they do not have books or uniforms, and this is one of the major issues

The majority of the children suffer from undernourishment and only own a single pair of shoes or none at all. Children in the area are subjected to harsh elements and suffer so unnecessarily. This is the problem Batanai wishes to rectify, and any help is greatly appreciated.